Thursday, July 5, 2007

What a Burger!

Dear Whataburger,

There are lots of reasons I prefer your late night fries over those of your competitors. The first of which is that I love your little tubs of ketchup. Here is why:

1. The ketchup tastes better than other fast food ketchups. I don't know why. Is it a special blend of tomato paste and corn syrup that you use? Are the ingredients organic? Did they come from a small farm in the south of France where they specialize in making pastes and syrups from the finest ingredients? Perhaps it is the combination of onion powder, garlic powder, and natural flavor? Whatever it is... it tastes good.

2. It comes in a convenient dipping tub. This should have been my first reason for loving your ketchup. Because the cute little tubbies are awesome! No mess, no ketchupy fingers, and definitely no lingering ketchup smell on your fingers for hours afterwards. I don't know why other fast food restaurants don't do this. I just want you to know that your thoughtfulness has not gone unnoticed.

3. You have immortalized your ketchup in the form of a fancy ketchup mousepad. I want one.

Other things I love about Whataburger:

1. the coarsely ground pepper. (it really tastes like pepper! not like black flecks in your food, but like REAL pepper!)
2. the malts. admittedly, they are mediocre malts, but this is a fast food restaurant...
3. the man on the commercials who says "What a burger!"

Keep those tubbies of ketchup coming!

Your #1 Fan

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