Saturday, July 21, 2007

Dear Fug Girls...

Dear Fug Girls,

I cannot believe I have put off writing your letter for this long. I have been overwhelmed by my feelings, and subsequently avoided articulating them. But I have so much to say! I think a list would be easier for me...

Things I love about your site...

1. this post about Jessica Simpson
2. your love/hate relationships with Lindsey Lohan and the Peldons
3. Intern George
4. your dedication to the demise of leggings, tiny vests, and too-skinniness
5. Intern George
6. Celebrity Terror Watch (with the easy to understand color-coded scale)

Things I don't love about your site...

Could you hook me up with an intern also? Preferably one named Brad? Thanks a bunch!!

Your #1 fan

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