Monday, July 30, 2007

Dear VH1...

Dear VH1,

You see, I used to think you were the boring, older person music video channel. MTV was hipper, younger, and the owner of the original reality tv show, The Real World (where people stop being polite, and start getting real). Now, you are the only music video channel (for people with basic cable). You think in all 99 channels that I get, there could be one less religious channel or home shopping program and one more music video channel. Where are you supposed to turn when you don't like the song that's on? Certainly not the news! Oh, we could probably do with one less of those as well. All 18 news channels report on the same thing at the same time. Except Anderson Cooper. He goes beyond the headlines to tell stories in-depth. I digress... I love VH1 Jump Start in the morning. I like watching two solid weeks of the same music videos over and over. I like going to school with "umbrella... ella... ella... eh... eh... eh" stuck in my head. I like being in touch with the music. What I don't understand is, what happens to all the other music videos? Who watches them? The situation used to be better for music videos when MTV still played lots of hip hop videos in the mornings. But recently they have started to show some below average reality show that I don't know. Anyway, keep playing those music videos!

Your #1 fan

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