Monday, July 2, 2007

Dear Ze...

Dear Ze Frank,

"How to Dance Properly"
is the cornerstone of my dancing foundation. I have been studying your school of dance for many years now, and I feel I have been able to gain some level of proficiency. I was a big hit at all the college parties when I would "Ride the Pony" or "Make Love to the Crowd". Since then, I have really been working on my "Advanced Dancing", my favorite of which is the "Titanic". I have seen many of your moves mimicked on "Dancing with the Stars". But NO ONE can dance like you do.

There are two dance explanations that I find particularly insightful....
1. from the "Titanic"... where you say how this dance is "a metaphor for human perserverance over hardship (or not-so-hard ship as the case may be)"
2. from "Make Love to the Crowd"... "The dancer is above the crowd, surveying his fief, before pausing to offer a hand of support to the commoner beneath him"

Your "prose" is exquisite.

I am using lots of "quotes".

The rest of your website is great too. We'll talk about that later.

Your #1 Fan

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