Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Oh hai...

Oh hai, lolcats. Im in ur blogz, luvin your postz.

Let's start off with this... in general, I disagree with the use of the abbreviation "lol". Rarely do things on the internet actually make me lol, and I think it is grossly overused for a lack of a better response. But, lolcats, you DO make me LOL. You are so cute and cuddly and grammatically incorrect. I love the baby talk, phonetic spellings, and cleverness of it all. I love saying "oh hai" and "k bai", and I love checking your website everyday for more pictures. Genius, pure genius.

Iz sleepy now, is time for bed.

K bai,
Your #1 Fan


Anonymous said...

I heard a good one instead of LOL. It should be GAL (grinning a little).

Aoife said...

I love saying "oh hai", too!

and I prefer lawl... because then it actually makes it funny.. because then it's fonetik. and...stuff.