Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Dear Wentworth Miller...

an old letter...

Dear Wentworth Miller,

I saw you on The View a while back, and I was impressed. Sure, you're a good looking guy and combined with your acting skills and your perseverance you seem to have landed yourself on America's TV (and in America's hearts). However, that is not what impressed me. It was your SAT-like vocabulary, your ability to schmooze with the ladies of The View, and the fact that your pants are worn just a little too high. What this says to me:

1. you are educated (and not in that "i'm an actor who got into princeton/harvard/stanford/columbia because i'm a semi-famous entity who is going to an ivy-league caliber school even though i am a substandard candidate" kind of way)
2. you can talk to moms and be charming (at the same time)
3. you're a dork

I just wanted to thank you for being a classy, normal guy who doesn't wear skinny jeans and party like a rock star because he's suddenly found himself a steady job.

Keep it classy,
Your #1 Fan

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