Friday, June 29, 2007

Dear YouTube...

Dear YouTube,

You have a special place in MyHeart. You have revolutionized the way media is shared. You took the internet one step further. You broke boundaries. You allow the world to share a piece of itself and a piece of what it enjoys with eachother. (even if these pieces should often times be kept to oneself) It is amazing to me how many videos and how many users are a part of YouTube. Even more amazing is how much spare time people have to record random things and put them on the internet.

But enought about You(Tube). Let's talk about what instigated the
writing of this letter. It was the simple conversation that occurred
amongst friends.

FRIEND: Hi #1 Fan, what's up?

#1 Fan: Same old, same old.

FRIEND: Seen anything interesting on the internet lately?

#1 Fan: You bet I have! The other day, on MyTube... what? Did I just
say MyTube???

And THAT is how I feel about You(Tube).

Your #1 Fan


Anonymous said...

Genius, #1 Fan. Pure genius.

rene said...

Hilarious! Keep 'em coming. What else are you a fan of?