Friday, December 28, 2007

Dear Chris Jessie (AKA Mack Brown's Stepson)...


Dear Chris Jessie (AKA Mack Brown's Stepson),

Before yesterday's game, no one knew who you were. Maybe... maybe some people knew you as Mack Brown's Stepson. But now, you are your own man. I mean, yeah, you shouldn't have touched the football... or pretended to touch the football... or stepped out onto the field... or been close enough to the field to even think about touching it. And really, you're a member of Mack's "staff"? But, whatever. You're FAMOUS now, Chris Jessie! Congratulations!!!

Hook 'em horns!
Your #1 fan

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Anonymous said...

I love Chris Jessie. Even though I don't think he's alive anymore...I haven't heard about him since this event...